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Copa Del Rey pawh

Posted by Sport on January 7, 2011 at 6:25 AM

Copa Del Rey ah Barcelona leh Real Madrid in quarter final an lut:

Game hmasa berah Deportivo La Coruña in Away Game a 1-1 a an draw Córdoba 3-1 in an Home ah sawp a, Quarter Final an lut a, Mallorca 6-8 a hneh tu Almeria an hmachhawn dawn a ni.

Barcelona Team ten Home Game a 0-0 a an draw vethung Athletic Bilbao Away Game ah E. Abidal Defender Defender in Mins 75 a a thun hmangin hma an hruai chho a, Llorente Torres in Minit 5 la bangah rul ve tho mahse Away goal hmang in Barcelona an chak ta tho a ni.  Getafe hneh hramtu Real Betis nen an in hmachhawn dawn a ni.

Villarreal hian Away Game ah Valencia khirh tak in an draw pui hrama, mahse an Home ah chuan a tha tho kher mai, Goal hnih an phur tawh hnu in Goal 4 an khung let leh thei tho a ni,  Malaga hnehsawh tak a sawp tu Sevilla nen Quarter Finalah an in su dawn a ni.

Real Madrid in an Home ngeiah Levante 8-0 in an lo sawp hrep a, Away Game Levante Home ah ve thung chuan an che thei ta tlat lo, 2-0 in an va chaklo na a, mahse an Home a goal an lo khung hnem tawh em avang hian 8-2 in hnehna an la chang tho a ni. Espanyol hnawl thaltu Athletic Madrid nen an in tum ve dawn a ni.

Quarter Final 1st League hi Ni 11.1.2011 ah an khel ang a, 2nd League hi ni 18.1.2011 ah an khel dawn a ni.

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