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World's Toughest Sudoku

Posted by virus_pac on September 6, 2010 at 2:30 PM

Sudoku hi in khel ve ngai em? Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala chuan khawvela “Sudoku har ber” a siamchhuak ta. He Sudoku siam nan hian thla thum zet hun a hmang a, solution pakhat chiah a awm bawk. Han khel ve chhin teh u le.(/www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/08/19/crack-worlds-toughest-sudoku/ )

A Finnish mathematician has created what he calls the world’s toughest sudoku — a puzzle that took three months to create and has just one solution.

The puzzle was created by scientist and mathematician Arto Inkala, who reportedly compiles sudokus for fun in his spare time. He had created what he called the world’s toughest puzzle four years ago. This one is even more challenging, he claims.

“Some people might make three or four lucky guesses and so be able to solve it in 15 minutes or half an hour and will wonder why it is said to be so difficult,” he said. “But it will normally take days to solve by logic.”



    He thil hi ka khel ve thiam miah chuanglo a, Israel ah hian a lar in an uar viau in ka hria a, ka lo post mai mai ani e :D, a khelthiam ho khan han chhut  chur chur mai teh u       ......   Source : Misual.com a ka hmuh ve tho ani e

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