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Habait Hayehudi Party inthlan result

Posted by hakhokhma on November 14, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    Tuesday (13/11/2012) khan 'Habait Hayehudi' (Mafdal) Party chuan an party inthlanna an nei a, he mite party hi Zionist Sakhawmi party an ni.

     He Party zinga candidate pakhat (Jeremy Gimpel) chuan Benei Menashe te min rawn rim ngawrh hle a, a duh angin Benei Menashe mi leh sate pawhin puih inhuamin an party ah hian Shekel 40 chawiin an in register hlawm a, tichuan, he inthlan ni hian vote pawh an thlak ve hlawm a ni.

    Kar hmasa lam khan Party Chairman tur thlanna neih ani tawh a, khatah khan mi thar Naftali Benet leh a hlui (minister pawh lo ni fo tawh) Zvulun Orlev te chu an inkhing a, mahse, Naftali Benet chu Party Chairman atan thlan alo nih tak ah chuan Zvulun Orlev chuan Politics a bansan tak thu a puang bawk a nih kha.

Tuntum an inthlan result hi hetiang hi a ni:

1- Naftali Benet. (Chairman)

2- Nisan Slomianski.

3- Ayelet Shaked.

4- Uri Orbakh. (MP)

5- Avi Wartsman.

6- Moti Yogev.

7- Yoni Shetvon.

8- Shuli Mualem.

9- Jeremy Gimpel.

10- Harav Rakhamim Nisimi.

    'Habait Hayehudi' Party te hi 'Haikhud Haleumi' Party te nen an inzawmkhawm dawn a, tichuan, heng party pahnih te hi zigzag (a inkarcheh) in an List hi an siam a rinawm a, tin, tunlaia Seker (mipui ngaihdan) an lakna result ah chuan he party pahnih inzawmkhawm te hian Knesset ah seat 7 vel chang thei tur anga ngaih ani a, chuti anih chuan, kan hnam in kan vote Gimpel-a hi Kneset ah a thut phak a rinawm chiah loh maithei a ni.

    Tin, he Party a a tira in candidate tum ve tho BMC ten an campaign pui Harav Hilel Horwits (Khevron khua) pawh inthlan anih hma hian tling zo dawn chuanga a inhriat loh avangin a inhnukdawk leh a, tichuan 'Haikhud Haleumi' Party lamah hian a insawn lehta zawk a ni.


Update (09/12/2012):

* Kneset a an inziahluh hnua an list ah chuan Jeremy Gimpel hi number 14 na niin, Harav Hilel Horvits hi number 13 na a ni.

*Hetah hian an result hi a en theih -> 

http://www.bechirot.gov.il/elections19/heb/list/List.aspx?ListId=101 ;

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