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Parshat 'Vayakhel'

Posted by Moshe Ilan on February 24, 2011 at 7:20 PM

   Parasha hmasa lam (Parshat Ki Tisa)  kharna ah khan Moshe Rabeinu chu Sinai tlang atangin a rawn chhuk thu kan hmu a, tichuan, Israel mipui hote chu a ko khawm a, mipuite chuan Moshe Rabeinu Van a han kal ta, a thil han hmuhte thu hrilh tur chu nghakhlel takin an lo awm a, tichuan, Israel mipui te tana thil pawimawh ber Shabat serh tur thupek chungchang chu a rawn hrilh ta a, Shabat ni chuan hna reng reng thawh loh tur thu te, Shabat ni chuan mei det loh tur thupek te ani a, tichuan, a dawtleh ah, a hma lama 'Khet Haegel' (Se bawng no lim) vanga an bawhchhiatna, an inlungrual lohna avanga an 'Tikun' (siamthatna) siam tur atan Lungrual takin Israel hnam sawm leh hnam hnih te chuan Lalpa Biakbuk 'Mishkan' an sakna tura bungrua rawn thawh khawm turin thu a pe a, tichuan, Israel hnam te pawh chuan, a hma lama an inlungrual lohna bawhchhiat na siamthatna tur chuan lungrual takin an rawn thawh ta a, Tichuan, Biakbuk chu siamin Lalpa P-thian chuan a chenchilh reng ta thin a ni.


     Biakbuk hmasa ber hi Lungrualna avanga an din theih anih ang hian, a tichhe leh thei tu pawh inlungrual lohna ani a, chu chu Beit Hamikdash pahnihna chhiatna ah khan chiang takin kan hmu thei a, chu chu, 'Masekhet Yoma' a kan Khakhamim ten an lo ziah angin, Israel hnamte chuan 'Sinat Khinam' pawngpaw inhuatna an lo neih tak avangin 'Beit Hamikdash' Temple chu a chhe ta a ni an lo ti a ni.

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