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Hilkhot Gneva Vegezel

Posted by Moshe Ilan on December 23, 2010 at 8:34 PM

1.Thil te reuh te pawh nise Chhuh luih sak leh Ruk ruk hi Juda te leh Jentel te ta pawh nise, thiang lo ani.

2.Amaherawhchu, thil te tham lutuk, a neitu pa pawhin pawi atih loh tur ang chu entirnan; Ha kherna ang chu thiang ani.

        Amaherawhchu, Midat Hakhasidut ah chuan chutiang lak atang pawh chuan insum tur ani.

3.A pek let leh tho tur atana atih pawh nise, fiamthu thil pawhin inruk sak chu thiang lo a ni.

4.In haider sak , hetiangin, miin pawisa puk tura a dil emawin, nei reng si tase, ka nei lo ati thiang lo, Amaherawhchu, P-thian hming tih hliauna thil tur ang chi anih lem loh chuan Jentel hnenah chuan a haider thei.

         Tin, Juda pa chuan Jentel mi hnenah pawisa lo puk ta se, a pek leh hmain a boral ta ang se, a fapa chuan a haider thiang a, amaherawhchu, Jentel pa chuan afapa chuan apa pawisa puk chu a hria ani tih a hriat chuan, a haider thiang lo, a haider luih chuan, P-thian hming tihhliau na ani. Tin, thil reng reng hmuh theiha awm chu haider a thiang lo bawk.

5.A thian pa thil neih a thian pa chuan zawrh pawh a tum lem loh, a awh avanga leia a dil chu Thupek sawm dan a thiang lo ani a, chutianga, a tih avanga a lei chuan thil thiang lo pahnih ati ani. 'Lo Takhmod' leh 'Lo Titave'.

6.Miin thil a ruk chuan a neitu hnenah a pe kir leh ngei tur ani a, a pek kir a chu a ruk sak laia mi ang thlapin a kim biai tur a ni. Tin, a kim tawh loh emaw chuan, a tikim turin pawisa emawin a rul tur a ni. Tin, a pek kir pah hian ngaihdam a dil tur a ni a, ngaihdam a dil hma chuan a thiltih chu ngaihdam ala ni lo a ni.

7.Mi chhuh luih thil emaw, ruk ruk thil emaw chu lei chhawn sak thiang ani lova, hetah hian Jentel mi leh Juda mi a thliar chuang lo ani, achhanchu, Jentel tan pawh ruk ruk chu a thian loh avangin, tin, ruk ruk lei chhawn sak hian, ruk a ruk belh tir phah thei bawk.

        Ruk ruk sa, a neitu hnena kan pek let duh vang erawh chuan, lo lei sak chu a thiang thung. Hei hi a neitu ten neih let theih dan kawng dang an neih loh hunah ani.

8.Ruk ruk thil chu ruk rutu hnena a awm lai chuan lo nawmsak pui ve chu thiang ani lova, entirnan; kha thil ruk hlima chawlh rikngawt pawh kha thiang lo a ni.

9.Ruk ru thang, a thil neihte chu a ruk nge a ruk loh pawh hriat theih loh khawp pa hnen atang chuang Mirethei pawhin Tsedaka a dawng thiang lo.


10.A thil zawrh chu a ruk ani ngei ang ti a, rin kai , hetiangin; thei huan vengtu hnen atang chuan a thei zawrh angte chu lei loh tur.

        Chutiangin, Chhungkaw pa berin a nupui incheina tlereuh a zawrh te, Chhungkaw nu berin inchhung buangrua a zawrhte chu hriat chian anih loh chuan lei chu thiang lo a ni.

קשע"ה סימן קפב

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