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MAGAESH "מגע אש"

Posted by Sport on December 20, 2010 at 6:09 AM


Q. Chhang (Lekhem) ei hma a tih tur indawt pawimawhte tiam lovin eitur hrang hrang chunga fakna thuchham (Brakha) kaldan tlanglawn han sawiteh.


A. Pawimawh dan indawt dungzuia Brakhot hriat tur hrang hrangte hrethiam tur chuan kan sakhaw mirilte'n "Ma-ga-esh" an tih mai kalphung (Formula) hriatthiam hmasak hi a pawimawh hle a ni.


"Mem(מ;)" tih thumal hian Mezonot a kawka Mezonot la chi reng reng (Cakes, Biscuit etc.) ang chi sawi hmasak ber tur a ni. "Barukh Ata Ad-nai El-heinu Melekh haoam bore minei mezonot"


"Gimel(ג;)" tih thumal hian Gefen a kawka chu chu Wine a ni a, Mezonot dawtah sawitur a ni. "Barukh Ata Ad-nai El-heinu Melekh haolam bore peri hagefen."


"Ayin (ע;)" tih thumal hian Etz a kawka, thei lam chi " Birkhat ha'etz", Gefen zawhah sawitur a ni. "Barukh Ata .............bore peri ha'etz"


"Alef (א;)" tih thumal hian Adama akawka, thlai lam chi Birkhat ha'adama", Birkhat ha'etz zawhah sawitur a ni. "Barukh Ata...........bore peri ha'adama."


"Shin" (ש;)" tih thumal hian Shehakol a kawka, Birkhat Shehakol entirnan sa, thei tui,artui, bawnghnute etc. ang chi ah sawi tur a ni. "Barukh Ata......shehakol nihie bidvaro." 

Hunbu ruat bika Kiddush hman ngai (Shabath emaw Kut ang chi) ang chiah chuan kalphung kan tarlan angte khi chu tihdanglam angai tawh thin. Biak Ina Kiddush hman ngai chi leh chhang tello a nih chuan Birkhat ha'gefen a hmasa anga chumi hnuah Birkhat Mezonot ina zui ang. Kiddush hi mahni ina chhang nena hman a nih chuan hetiang hian Brakhot a in dawt ang. Gefen a ni anga, chumi zawhah Lekhem (hamotzi). Birkhat haGefen a chham lai hian a rilruah chaw ei laia intur dang awmte pawh a huamtir tur a ni, chutiang bawkin Hamotzi a chham lai hian chaw ei lai a, eitur dang zawng zawng a kavana vek tur a ni.


Source : Shavei Bulletin Vol.5. No. 285 by Rav Yehuda Gin

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