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Ivrit a E hi

Posted by hakhokhma on November 28, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    Hebrew (Ivrit) ah hian a hawrawp tir ber hnuaia E (Shva) (chhun han pahnih, a chung leh hnuaia awm) awmna ang chi ah hian, Le (lamah) tih te, Be (ah) tih te hi kan zawm tir dawn anih chuan I angin a ri ta daih a, hei hi keini Benei Menashe te hian kan hmang fimkhur lo thinin kan sawi BE ve mai thin a, hetiang hi a ni.

בְּאֵר שָׁבַע - בִּבְאֵר שָׁבַע
Beer Sheva - Biver Sheva, Liver Sheva (BeBeer Sheba, LeBeer Sheva ni lovin).

יְרוּשָלַיִם - לירושלים
Yerushalaim - Lirushalaim, Birushalaim (BeYerushalaim, LeYerushalaim ni lovin).

    Tin, a hawrawp hmasa ber hi a tlangpuiin ama puala tihrik ve tur a ni.
Hetiangin; Benei Menashe (Bnei Menashe ni lovin)

בבני מנשה - בני מנשה
Benei Menashe - Bivnei Menashe, Livnei Menashe (BeBenei Menashe, Lebenei Menashe ni lovin)

Li / Bi tia Benei Menashe ah hian kan zawm tir dawn chuan, a Bet (ב;) hmasa ber chhunga chhun han te kha a hawrawp 2 naah a awm thian tawh loh avangin VET (ב;) angin a ri tawh thung bawk ang. Tichuan - Bivnei / Livnei kan ti leu leu tawh mai ang...

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