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Bawngsa leh thlai Red wine hmanga siam dan

Posted by hakhokhma on April 29, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Mi 5 ei...


1) Olive oil no 1/3

2) Purun pum 5 slice (prusot)

3) Bawngsa Number 8 kg 1 cube(kubiot)

4) Gambot adom leh yarok pum 3 ve ve...cube a chan

5) Carrot pumthum ziah dip..

6) chi, Pilpel shakhor dip...

7) Pilpel shakhor mum...

8 ) Tomatto pum 2 cube a chan

9) Wine no 1leh1/2

10) Parsley (petrozilia) chan sawm no 1.

Siam dan:

1)  Bel ah Tel i chhuang sa ang a, purun chu i thlak ang a, a rawng alo uk deuh khak thleng i chhuang ang. Tichuan, Thlengah i bun chhuak ang.

2) I Purun kanna Bel ah bawk chuan sa chu i thlak ve leh ang a, a uk khak thleng i chawk ang a, i bun chhuak ve leh ang.

3) A bel ngai bawk ah chuan YARAKOT (vegetables) ho chu i thlak ve leh thung ang a, minute 10 vel i chhuang ang a, Sa leh Purun chu Bel ah chuan i chhung lut leh ang a, i chawh hnu ah Chi leh Pilpel i phul ang. Tichuan, Wine chu i leih ang a, tui tam vak lo i leih ang a, i chhuan so bawrh bawrh hnu ah mei chu hniamte in i herh ang.

4) Bel chu chhin phui a, Darkar 3-4 chhuan tur ani. A hmin hma minute 15 la awm ah Parsley (Petrozilia) i thlak dawn nia.....BETE AVON...

Ziaktu: Dolev Hauhnar.

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