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Matkonei orez (Bufai siam dan)

Posted by dolevhauhnar on January 25, 2012 at 2:30 PM


Thil tul te:

Buhfai no 5

Tui chhuanso no 9

chi a al tawk

Tel 1/4 no


    Bel ah buhfai leh tel daha, mei chung ah chhuan tur a ni, chuan thing asiam fian in emaw, fian pangngaia chawh char char tur a ni. Tichuan buhfai chu alo sat a arawn var thleng in, chi i al anga, i duh chuan thing hmarcha (pilpel shakhor) i phul bawk ang, tichuan tui chhuanso chu i chhunglut anga bel ah chuan, vawi hnih khat i chawk kual ang a, a phui thei ang bera chhin tur ani. Mei chu a hniam thei ang berin i herh ang a, minute 17/18 inghak leh ang, chumi hnu chuan i off ang a, khawih loin minute 10 dang i nghak leh ang, chuan achhin chu ihawng anga mazleg (thirkut) in dim te in hlawm lotur in ihai phut dawn nia.....hei hi orez (Rice) siam dan awlsam ber a ni, mizo ten cooker a kan chhum tawp tih loh ah chuan.....beteavon....


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1 Comment

Reply dolevhauhnar
3:00 PM on January 25, 2012 
Hriat fuhloh lai a awm chuan a zawh theih zel ania....

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